Robot Vacuums

Trying to figure out which robot vacuum cleaner is the best choice? We've compiled as much raw data as we can find to make it easy to compare features side-by-side.

Robot Vacuum Specifications and Comparisons

Select a single robot vacuum and compare it with others. Not sure where to start? Below we've inclued popular robot vacuum comparisons. If you're more interested in which specific models people are researching start with our list of vacuum cleaners. Once you've selected a robot vacuum you can compare it with any other robot vacuum we have data on.

What to Look for in a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The following characteristics are worth considering for just about any robot vacuum shopper:

How does it get around?

While some robot vacuums are packed with technology to intelligently map your home and clean as efficiently as possible others make their way around by simply adjusting their course when bumping into objects.

How long does it run before charging? Can it pick up where it left off?

The longer the vacuum can run before recharing the more it can clean. Once the robot tires it returns to it's base station to charge up. Some vacuums are smart enough to pick up where they left off, but many are not.

Can the robot vacuum tackle a home with pets?

If you have a dog or cat, and especially if you have a dog or dogs with long hair, be sure to pick a vacuum that was made to work in that environment.

Voice Control? Alexa Compatibility? iPhone or Android App?

Integrating technology generally increases price, but it's a must for some. We've listed each robot vacuum's technical integrations including Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit as well as if they have Android or iPhone Apps. The most tech savvy have many integrations, while value-priced models rely on a separate remote or no remote at all.

Not finding a manufacturer or model that you are researching? Contact us and let us know!

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