Stick Vacuums

There's no shortage of stick vacuums to choose from. These lightweight offshoots of upright vacuums have become incredibly popular as technology has evolved. Different models look similar but their features and speicifcations are often quite different. Prices, warranties and what's included vary widely, too. In an effort to make comparing stick vaccum cleaners easy we've scoured the internet for every piece of data we could find. Our goal? To make side-by-side comparisons of features and specifications easy.

Stick Vacuum Specifications and Comparisons

Already know the stick vacuum manufacturer or model that you're looking for? Choose that brand and then a model. From there you can learn about that specific product or add others to compare their capabilities. Curious which vacuums comparison shoppers are looking for the most? Select from the popular robot vacuum cleaners or popular comparisons below.

What to Look for in a Stick Vacuum Cleaner

There's a stick vacuum out there for just about any situation you can come up with. Below are some common considerations.

Corded or cordless?

Corded vacuums historically have packed the biggest punch. In the past few years, however, their untethered counterparts have begun punching above their weight. If you're considering going cordless, be sure to review how long both run and recharge time are.

How flexible does your stick vacuum need to be?

Most stick vacuums have a fixed tube connecting the cleaning head to the handle. But, there's a few outliers. Today you can find stick vacuums with both tubes that can bend and telescope. Those bending tubes come in handy not only for storage but also for getting underneath furniture. A telescoping tube allows you to increase your range if you need to chase down hard to reach dirt or a cobweb.

What brushes and accessories are included?

Especially when comparing vacuums that are the same brand the biggest diffrence is often the included brushes, attachments and accessories. If you must have an upholstry cleaning attachment make sure you'll get one.

Can it clean up after your pet?

If you have a pet, be sure to get a stick vacuum that is made to handle pet hair.

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