Roborock H7 Review – A Simple, Lightweight, Cordless Stick Vacuum


Roborock improves upon their first cordless stick vacuum.

Published 11/08/2021 · by Scott McAndrew

Roborock H7 Review


Roborock's H7 cordless stick vacuum improves upon its predecessor with faster charging, more suction and innovation not seen in other vacuums – all while offering a long cleaning time.

See if the H7 is a good vacuum for your home.

Roborock's H7 is a lightweight cordless stick vacuum with a long run-time, the ability to operate with or without a dust bag, great usability, a quick charge time and a new take on accessory storage.

Hands on Roborock H7 Review

After using Roborock's H7 aside other popular cordless stick vacuums we've formed our opinion of this successor to the Roborock H6 Adapt. Among the long list of thoughtful decisions that went into the H7, there are also a few we question, too.

Pros and cons

What we like

  • Cleans well on both hard floors and carpets
  • Long run time (Eco mode) and fast charging
  • Can be used with or without a bag
  • Capable suction (160 air watts)
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Useful OLED display
  • Trigger lock

What could be improved

  • Small dust bin
  • Short run time on non-Eco modes
  • Floor brush (soft roller head) sold separately

Real world use and testing

After being impressed with robot vacuum after robot vacuum from Roborock, we were eager to test the Roborock H7 stick vacuum. Roborock graciously provided an H7 for our testing.

Unboxing the Roborock H7 was much like any other Roborock product. The H7 Vacuum assembly, tube, battery, accessories and paperwork all ship neatly and securely in recyclable cardboard which is formed to hold each part in its place.

The components feel well made while lightweight. Various parts confidently snap together and are easily removed to switch between the Multi-Surface Brush, Mini-Motorized Brush and included non-powered accessories.

When considering the Roborock H7 and similar cordless vacuums with long run-times, Roborock's stick vacuum feels lighter. That's because it is in fact lighter, weighing a mere 3.2 pounds.

Cleaning with the Roborock H7's Multi-Surface Brush

After topping off the H7's integrated battery and fitting the Multi-Surface Brush we did our first cleaning runs. This is a good place to make a quick note about the H7's motorized, full-size cleaning head. While some stick vacuums ship with both a motorized soft roller head for hard flooring and a second motorized carpet head, the H7 has gone with a single head for all surface types.

When we got our H7, this was the only full-size, motorized cleaning head available. That has changed (more about that below).

With the main vacuuming unit weighing in at just over 3 pounds, using the Roborock H7 with any of its attachments is all but effortless. But, it may in fact shine the most as a handheld.

Cleaning hardwood floors and tile

The Multi-Surface head was easy to use on both tile and hardwood floors. We did notice that sometimes when passing over joins between flooring planks that there was a light snapping sound. It turns out to be a thin blade that runs the width of the head, just before the roller.

Like some other multi-surface brushes we've seen on various vacuums, Roborock is using this approach to increase suction on hard flooring surfaces while still allowing enough clearance for the head to perform on carpet, too.

Roborock H7 Update: New Accessories

Months after receiving our Roborock H7, the company has released two new accessories. One of the accessories is a mopping attachment. The other accessory is a soft-roller head called the Roborock Floor Brush.

Both accessories work on the Roborock H7 as well as it's predecessor, the H6 Adapt.

Cleaning carpet with Roborock's H7

After months of vacuuming with Roborock's H7 cordless stick vacuum and its Multi-Surface Brush, we'd say it is more at home on hard flooring surfaces. That surprising as its design looks closer to a carpet-cleaning head.

Any attempt at a single-motorized brush for all surfaces forces compromises. This isn't unique to Roborock, of course. It's difficult to get a brush that excels on everything from a dead-flat, solid flooring surface to the various pile carpet in homes today.

The challenge with all-surface vacuuming brushes

The Multi-Surface Brush performed well, but not quite as well as competing stick vacuums which ship with two motorized brushes, one specifically for carpet, and the other specifically for hard flooring. To be honest, we didn't expect that it would. No manufacturer has elegantly pulled off an all-surface vacuuming head for a cordless stick vacuum.

Roborock H7 Multi-Surface Brushroll

When vacuuming on carpet, the H7's Auto Carpet Boost delivers an additional 50 watts of power to spin its carbon fiber bristles at up to 4,000 RPM. This boost agitates the carpet material and shakes dirt and debris loose, improving cleaning performance.

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Two things to note about vacuuming carpet with the H7 were that the motor does reduce suction from time-to-time. We weren't sure if the reduced suction was to protect the motor, which is a good thing, or if the carpet detection system was reassessing the flooring surface.

Regardless, we found the H7 does this more often than other vacuums which are similarly priced.

While it wasn't the best we've tested on carpet, it was very good. And, for everyday cleaning it is more than up to the task.

HEPA filtration

The H7 has a 5-layer air filtration system which includes a HEPA filter. Roborock claims it captures 99.99% of particles as small as .3 microns. The system uses one front and one rear filter. Both are washable and reusable. The cyclone and dustbin are also washable.

In the event you do need to completely replace the H7's filters, a HEPA filter pack (one front and one rear filter) runs $35.99.

Great for homes with allergy sufferers

While Roborock's H7 has a HEPA filter, but that isn't what makes it such a good choice for people with allergies. One of the H7's unique features is its ability to be used as a bagless or bagged vacuum.

We hadn't seen this before, and thought it was a thoughtful option. The H7 ships with two disposable bags for those wanting to give it a try. The bags run $50 for 12 ($4.16 a piece). For those with allergies, this is definitely worth consideration as it relieves the issue of fine dust and irritants returning to the ambient air when emptying the vacuum.

Roborock H7 Update: H7 Pure Model

In time for the 2021 holiday season Roborock released the H7 Pure model.

This model lacks the Crevice Tool, Motorized Mini-Brush, Flex Tube, Dust Bag Holder, Dust Bags and magnetic Docking Station.

Roborock H7: Suction and Battery Life


The H7 has three power modes: Eco, Standard and Max. We found the stick vacuum to be perfectly capable when used in Standard mode, with Eco suitable only for a light touch-up. Max mode worked well for deeper cleaning, providing a noticeable increase in suction from the 480W motor.

Suction in terms of air watts (AW) in each mode are as follows:

Cleaning ModeRoborock H7 Suction
Eco13 AW
Standard30 AW
Max160 AW

Battery life and charging

When it comes to total run time and time to full charge, on paper Roborock's H7 seems to be the best cordless vacuum available. The H7 uses a LiPo, or Lithium Polymer, battery. According to Battery Power Tips, "LiPos provide higher specific energies than other lithium batteries, often used in systems where weight is an important factor, such as mobile devices, drones, and some electric vehicles."

The weight advantage is definitely present in the H7. Another benefit which we verified is that the Roborock H7 can be fully charged in a mere 2.5 hours. But, the stated 90-minute run time comes with several caveats.

But, we never got 90 minutes out of the H7, and that's because Roborock's testing conditions are simply not real-world conditions. The 90 minute maximum run time is without any attachment whatsoever. We gather that also means there was no simulation of use, meaning the vacuum was running without any resistance.

We were able get over an hour of vacuuming in on the Eco mode with a non-powered attachment. But, add a power attachment and those times are impacted dramatically as you'd think.

The H7's run times aren't altogether poor. In the Standard and Eco modes the vacuum does well and all but the largest homes should be satisfied. We do wish the stated run time used more realistic testing conditions, however.

Flooring SurfaceRoborock H7
Tile & Hardwood99.2%
Low Pile Carpet95.3%
Mid/High Pile Carpet92.6%


The Roborock H7 really shines as far as usability and utility is concerned.


The Roborock H7 is one of the most lightweight, well balanced cordless vacuums available with more than 150 AW of suction. The vacuum is very easy to navigate around when used in its full vacuum configuration. The Multi-Surface Brush turns effortlessly and the vacuums feels incredibly light.

Cleaning with Accessories

With the main vacuuming unit weighing in at just over 3 pounds, using the Roborock H7 with any of its attachments is all but effortless. But, it may in fact shine the most as a handheld.

Cleaning carpeted and wooden stairs are easy as one could hope for. Simply remove the extension tube and connect the full-size Multi-Surface motorized head directly to the main unit.

We found all the included accessories to be well made and to work as expected.

You'll hear this again and again from us, but we really wish Roborock provided an LED headlight and a lighted crevice too.

The Roborock H7 features an OLED screen

Ergonomics and screen

The Roborock H7 feels good in the hand, and doesn't require much of a grip as it is so lightweight. We loved the OLED screen which displays the suction mode and battery status. At a certain point of remaining battery life, the display changes from a percentage to minutes and seconds, counting down as use continues.

When plugged in or seated in the base, the display shows the battery's percentage of charge.

The H7 is another vacuum which doesn't require holding down a trigger to vacuum – thank you Roborock! Where your left thumb rests on the handle there's a lock button which locks the power on until you shut it off or the battery is completely depleted. The status of the lock is also displayed on the OLED screen.

Emptying the vacuum is straightforward. When using a bag, you simply remove and dispose of it. Opening the dust bin is the same process as you'd use when not using a bag: There is a single button which pops the bottom of the dust bin open.

Charging base

Our unit is the Roborock H7, the first unit released. A new variant, the Roborock H7 Pure, is the same main vacuum unit but with less accessories in the box. The Pure model does not include the original H7's magnetic base.

While both versions have magnets in their accessories which allow them to be placed on any magnetic surfaces, the original H7's base allows them to be magnetically placed upon it when stored.

Some may find this gimmicky, while other may find it useful.


Two feet from the vacuum noise was measured at 63dBA, 65dBA and 71dBA in Eco, Standard and Max modes respectively. We found noise to be slightly lower than other vacuums in this price range, albeit it also has slightly lower suction that peer offerings.

Roborock H7 specifications and features

Specs and features

  • Type: Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • Bagged/bagless: Both
  • Removable Battery: No
  • Dust bin: 18.94 oz.
  • Washable dust bin: Yes
  • Suction settings: 3
  • Maximum power: 160 air watts
  • Max run time: 90 minutes
  • HEPA filter: Yes
  • Washable filter: Yes
  • Mopping: Optional attachment (not included)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds

In the box

  • Roborock H7 Stick Vacuum
  • Multi-Surface Brush
  • Dusting Brush
  • Motorized Mini-Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Flex Tube
  • Magnetic Charging Station (Not included with Pure model)
  • Power Adapter
  • Owner's Guide/Manual

Below is everything that comes with the Roborock H7. The later-released Roborock H7 Pure lacks the Crevice Tool, Motorized Mini-Brush, Flex Tube, Dust Bag Holder, Dust Bags and magnetic Docking Station. For that tradeoff, there's a reduced price. This option will likely make a lot of sense for those who don't need the additional accessories.

Roborock H7 Unboxing

Value for the money

It's unachievable claimed maximum run times withstanding, the H7 is still an attractive buy– it's a long-running, well performing cordless vacuum with a thoughtful design philosophy. As we've mentioned, we do think it should have shipped with a soft-roller brush. Had that been the case, its value would be in range with competing vacuums.

Without a soft-roller head, the vacuum's MSRP price of $499 feels high. The vacuums is high quality, and performs well. But, at this price point Roborock faces tough competition. Fortunately, Roborock has been actively discounting the H7, often by $100 or more.

At $100 lower than MSRP, the H7 makes a lot of sense. If you have any concerns over the price-to-value, we suggest watching prices. Without waiting too long, we're certain you'll find a deal.

Final thoughts

The Roborock H7 is a very good vacuum. It would be an exceptional one had they developed dedicated, full-sized, motorized cleaning heads for carpet and hard flooring. Even as it ships today, it does a very good job, and we think the chance of buyer's remorse is minimal.

Reading owner reviews, we find that almost all buyers are thrilled with the Roborock H7. And, we have a feeling Roborock will be selling the H7 with the later-released, optional Soft Roller brush and the Multi-Surface Brush at some point, too.

The H7 represents a step in the right direction from its predecessor, the H6. Fast forward to the next iteration in the series, and I think Roborock will be regarded in the same light as its high-end competition. For now, the H7 is a worthy vacuum of a buy rating.

We again wanted to reiterate that Roborock provided us the H7 vacuum to review. While it is greatly appreciated, a manufacturer's generosity does not affect the results of our standardized testing or recommendation regarding any product.

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