Samsung Jet 75 vs Jet 75+ vs Jet 75 Complete

Comparing the three Samsung cordless Jet 75 models

Published 01/17/2023 · by Scott McAndrew

Samsung Jet 75 Cordless Vacuum
One of three Samsung Jet 75 cordless vacuum SKUs. Image ©
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Between Samsung’s website and online retailers, there’s more than a few Samsung Cordless Vacuums. When we bought what has become our favorite numbered Jet (our overall favorite would have to be the Bespoke Jet), the Jet 75 Complete (read our review), there were two options: the Jet 75 and the Jet 75 Complete. Spoiler: they are really good cordless stick vacuums.

Today there are three model designations, and choosing which Jet 75 cordless seems a bit overly complex. But, it’s actually fairly straightforward. Heres’s a quick rundown of the different Samsung Jet 75 cordless vacuums that are offered at the time of writing this.

Samsung Jet 75 vs. Jet 75+ vs. Jet 75 Complete

When comparing the Jet 75, Jet 75+ and Jet 75 Complete, there is a lot more in common than different between the three. All produce up to 200AW of suction, have an LCD display, can run for a maximum of 60 minutes per battery and have a 0.8L bin.

Accessaories all models ship with (number of batteries varies)
Accessaories all models ship with (number of batteries varies). Image ©

The motor seems to be the same, all have the 5-Layer HEPA filtration system, and each has the same 6.2 pound weight. All now ship with a single full-size cleaning head, the Turbo Brush, or Turbo Action Brush (Samsung’s website calls it the Turbo Brush, but the label on the head itself says Turbo Action Brush).

All the Jet 75 models come with two accessories, a Crevice Tool and Combination Tool.

Comparison Chart: Jet 75 vs Jet 75+ vs Jet 75 Complete

FeatureJet 75Jet 75+Jet 75 Complete
Clean Station IncludedOptionalYesOptional
LED DisplayYesYesYes
Bin Capacity0.8L0.8L0.8L
Max Suction Power200AW200AW200AW
Included Batteries122
Total Max Run Time60 min120 min120 min
Turbo Action BrushYesYesYes
Long-Reach Crevice ToolYesYesYes
Combination ToolYesYesYes
Weight6.2 lbs6.2 lbs6.2 lbs
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The differences

What is different between these three comes down to two things: how many batteries each comes with and if the Clean Station is an option accessory or included with purchase.

  • The Jet 75 Complete and Jet 75+ come with two batteries (the Jet 75 model ships with one).
  • Of the three, only the Jet 75 Complete includes Samsung’s Clean Station which empties the vacuum’s bin into a bag which lasts several weeks. The Clean Station can be purchased separately for the other two models.

The original Jet 75 Cordless Vacuum we purchased

There was at least one other Jet 75 model being sold. We know, we bought one!

From what we see on Samsung’s website, the Jet 75 Complete model we purchased is no longer being sold. Well, you can still buy a Samsung Jet 75 Complete, it is just different than what we purchased. The differences in what we’ll call the old Jet 75 Complete and the new Jet 75 Complete are in its battery, which full-size cleaning heads are included and the battery that is included.

Original Jet 75 vs current Jet 75 model

The old Jet 75 that we purchased was a Jet 75 Complete. It had two full-size cleaning heads. One head, the Soft Action Brush, was designed specifically for hard floors. The other was called the Turbo Action Brush, and it was a multi-surface brush. The new Jet 75 just includes the Turbo Action Brush. It shipped with the Clean Station, like the current Complete model, but only had a single battery, not two.

The original Samsung Jet 75 and current Jet 75
The original Samsung Jet 75 and current Jet 75 (they look the same). ©

Where accessories are concerned, the old Jet 75 SKU came with the Combination Upholstery Tool, Long-reach Crevice tool, Flex Tool and Mini-motorized Tool. The new Jet 75 SKU does not included the last two accessories, the Flex Tool and Mini-motorized Tool.

All the specifications between the old Jet 75 SKU and the new one are the same. Maximum run time before needing to recharge a single battery is 60 minutes. And, it has the same suction, so we assume the same digital motor. But, the lithium-ion battery is physically different in the new Jet 75. It is smaller in size (dimensions) and is 21.6V (our original Jet 75 has a 21.9V battery).

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Which Jet 75 to buy

Our positive review of the Jet 75 hasn't changed since we bought the original. We've now also used the new Jet 75+ as well as every other Jet model, including the Bespoke Jet, too. The current Jet 75 models are as good as the original.

It is important to note (if reading our review) that the newer models ship with different heads and accessories. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend going to the source. Our chart above is good, but on Samsung's website, toward the bottom of each page, is thier comparison chart.

Basically, the Jet 75 to buy depends upon an individual’s needs. The differences are straightforward. If you have a larger home, you may want to opt for the Jet 75+ or Complete as they have two batteries. And, we absolutely recommend the Clean Station. It is far more sanitary and convenient to empty the dustbin into the Clean Station. In our experience, we only have to change the bag about every 45 to 60 days.

The Clean Station emptying accessory for the Jet 75
The Clean Station emptying accessory for the Jet 75. Image ©

One last thing to check is the current prices being offered. Samsung is almost always running a discount on one or more of these models.